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Naisla Kitchen & Cocktails

Wed-Sun: 5:00 – 9:00


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Naisla Kitchen & Cocktails

Kauai fine dining – At Naisla Kitchen & Cocktails we take pride in offering an exceptional fusion of Italian and Japanese flavors that cannot be found anywhere else on the island. Our menu is a journey through taste where two diverse culinary traditions come together to create something truly unique and unforgettable. The result? A symphony of tastes and textures – a creative approach that pays homage both Italys rich heritage as well as Japans own while embracing modernity at its finest level possible! Come experience this one-of-a-kind dining adventure for yourself today at Naisla Kitchen & Cocktails! Kauai fine dining at it’s best!

Our vision is to provide an unmatched dining experience that blends the refinement and sophistication of high end restaurants with Kauais renowned warmth and hospitality. The East Side has always been a place steeped in natural beauty and cultural significance – our establishment seeks to be an extension of this spirit. We believe that great food and exquisite drinks have immense power when it comes connecting people forging memories that last forever. We want to be the best at Kauai fine dining.

Kauai fine dining